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Saturday July 13, 2024

This screening session features 6 short films. All films are in English and/or have English subtitles.

@ The Rockwell, 255 Elm St, Somerville


Furrie (France) by Lucie Grannec

A dolphin in free relationship with fifteen inflatable animals, a fox crazy in love with a cereal mascot, a band of animals adept at firearms… Different portraits, existing, of members of the Furry community, lovers and enthusiasts of anthropomorphic animals.

Running time: 00:08:36

The middle of the garage .jpeg

The middle of the garage (Canada) by Lisa Bolduc

The mysterious arrival of a huge trunk in the garage of Pierre's house turns his life upside down. At 55, with time passing too slowly and dreams gone, loneliness suddenly seems less burdensome. The strange appearance of the object became Pierre's only obsession, and the discovery of its contents, a new goal in life.

Running time: 00:13:01


Noham (Belgium) by Victorine Durmort, Marie Fotso-Guifo

The day of the family Christmas party, 7yr old Noham is dropped off by his father at a hotel where he is reunited with his mother, whom he hasn’t seen since she moved out of the family home. During this particular afternoon, Noham tries to unravel the mystery that lies behind his mother’s isolation.

Running time: 00:14:49

A Distant Figure .jpeg

A Distant Figure (Germany) by Ramón Durman

An act of violence causes a deep rift between two colleagues who are forced to work together one last time.

Running time: 00:15:00

NATURE ATTACK _edited.jpg

Nature Attack (France) by Erik Semashkin

A bird decides to hunt crickets, but his crossing will be more complicated than expected.

Running time: 00:03:15


Piblokto (United States) by Anastasia Shubina, Timofey Glinin

On the Arctic Ocean coast of Chukotka live a people cut off from the world. Their life revolves around hunting walruses and whales and protecting villages from bears coming from the tundra. This theme turns the film into a reflection on death. Marine animals become the primary source of food for the people, animal leftovers are used to feed arctic foxes on a fur farm, human cemeteries become targets for bears. It appears that all the inhabitants of this region are involved in the cycle of food and death. The film departs from the typical rhythmic structure of cinema and instead adopts the structure of a shamanic ritual, which is a meaning-forming event for the northern peoples.

Running time: 00:37:49

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