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Saturday July 8th, 2023

This screening session features 4 films.
All films are in English and/or have English subtitles.



Somerville Theatre (55 Davis Square, Somerville, MA 02144, USA)

Free tickets:

Reserve your tickets here. Please only book seats when you are sure you'll be there, thank you!


Winded (USA) by Joe Lueben

Synopsis: Crafted entirely out of AI imagery, Winded is a reminder that the pandemic is not over despite society's attempts to move on and forget. Running time: 0:01:00.


Dragon (USA) by Dane Cree, Lisa Poppe

Synopsis: A lonely dragon makes his way through a series of emotional obstacles and physical changes as he goes on a search to find his friends. Running time: 00:04:30.

Selections/awards: Supernova Digital Animation Fest (Directors Choice Award), Changing Face IFF, Flip the Script Fest, Do It Zero - A Zero Budget FF, Overmountain Animation Fest, Super Shorts London (Best Animated Film), and more.

Bear Hug.jpg

Bear Hug (USA) by Daria Lugina

Synopsis: A young child wakes from a nightmare, only to confront the very real scariness of the adult world. Running time: 00:02:01.


Provo (USA) by Emma Thatcher


Synopsis: A self-destructive ex-Mormon finds out her abusive father is on his deathbed and road trips to Utah to reckon with her past. Running time: 01:27:00.

Selections/awards: Filmfest Bremen, Mill Valley FF, Midwest FF, Chicago Underground FF (Audience Award), Wyoming IFF (Best Narrative Feature, Best Actress in a Feature, Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature).

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