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Sunday July 14, 2024

This screening session features 1 feature film. All films are in English and/or have English subtitles.

@ The Rockwell, 255 Elm St, Somerville

Don't Forget To Leave.png

Don't Forget To Leave (United States) by Bill Fulkerson

Tim Landers, a prolific songwriter and founding member of the emo/pop-punk band TRANSIT, struggled. He fought battles, often privately, with substance misuse and his own mental health needs. "Don’t Forget To Leave" paints a poignant portrait of Landers, from his early success up until the posthumous release of Weathervane by his band Cold Collective. His story is chronicled through archival footage and interviews with members of A Loss For Words, The Story So Far, Frank Turner, Man Overboard, Transit and Cold Collective, family members and mental health professionals.

Running time: 01:46:00

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