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Sunday July 9th, 2023

This screening session features 11 short films. All films are in Engli
sh and/or have English subtitles.



Somerville Theatre (55 Davis Square, Somerville, MA 02144, USA)

Free tickets:

Reserve your tickets here. Please only book seats when you are sure you'll be there, thank you!

Eat Your Vegetables.jpg

Eat Your Vegetables (USA) by Matthew Brennan

Synopsis: While taking care of her catatonic husband, Gabby receives an unusual offer from a strange insurance agent. Running time: 00:07:32.

Bailey's Beads.jpg

Bailey's Beads (USA) by Johnny Clyde

Synopsis: A TV magician opens a viewers third eye, giving him a chance to confront his own consciousness. Running time: 00:04:38.


Selections/awards: Sydney World FF, Hong Kong Arthouse FF.

Stale Cereal.jpg

Stale Cereal (USA) by Steven Schloss, Deven Bussey

Synopsis: A Concierge worker living in a 9-5 loop is enticed to seek revenge on a rude guest. Running time: 00:07:28.

Selections/awards: 48 Hour Film Portland (Best Cinematography).

The Robbery.jpg

The Robbery (USA) by Jón Þórðarson

Synopsis: When a first-time thief encounters a store clerk who doesn’t react the way he expects, the dialogue takes an unexpected turn and the thief begins to rethink his choice. How is the clerk able to sow doubt in the thief? Running time: 00:03:45.

Film Festival Posters-2.jpg

Confessions Of A Name Dropper (USA) by Kevin G. Connolly



Synopsis: A dark comedy about a middle aged man named Cutter who lives alone on an island. He lives his life according to other people’s words and ideas that he stubbornly claims are his own. Seeking the help of an expert, if at times difficult therapist, he struggles to come to terms with who he really is and who his real friends are. Or, if he really has any. Running time: 00:09:55.

Selections/awards: Oakland FF, Dublin World FF, New Jersey Short FF, and more.

RIP 9-5.jpg

RIP 9-5 (USA) by Ben Alderman



Synopsis: A Y2K apocalypse takes place inside of computers as a result of binary code and monopoly capitalism. Running time: 00:02:12.

Selections/awards: Obskuur Ghent FF, Super Shorts LA, Toronto Film Week and more.


Aberdeen (USA) by Talia Krohmal

Synopsis: A comedy about a kidnapping. Running time: 0:05:00.


Secant (USA) by Timothy David Orme


Synopsis: Music by Lanier Sammons. Running time: 00:03:00.


Selections/awards: Sydney World FF, Brussels Independent FF (Best Music Video), New Jersey Independent FF, and more.

Everything is Free.jpg

Everything is Free (USA) by Timothy Leong



Synopsis: Take a look at the Somerville Facebook group that connects people with needs to people with excess: Everything Is Free. Through the stories and experiences of four different people, we get a better understanding of what makes a community. Running time: 00:12:01.


Contrapunctus (Belgium) by Luna Brusselaers

Synopsis: A marriage falling apart. Running time: 00:05:00.

Selections/awards: Brussels Independent FF, Hong Kong Arthouse FF.

Anima Possession.jpg

Anima Possession (Hong Kong) by Wai Mo Chan



Synopsis: A pair of lovers with one being a cyborg go to a shady robotic body shop hoping to have their relationship mended by the mechanic. At his advice, the human owner Jackie agrees to an irreversible upgrade for Tammy, her cyborg Soulmate™️. However, the result isn't as expected. There Tammy meets Anima, a fellow cyborg who taught Tammy that happiness is illusive, and love is nothing but a cruel tango between the intangible sense of love and the harsh reality of physical lust. Running time: 00:25:00.

Selections/awards: Hong Kong Arthouse FF, Super Shorts New York.

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