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Sunday July 14, 2024

This screening session features 7 short films. All films are in English and/or have English subtitles.

@ The Rockwell, 255 Elm St, Somerville

Slower Animals .jpeg

Slower Animals (United States) by John Christopher Kelley

While aimlessly following a winter goose migration across the American south, a professor slips in and out of childhood memories that all surround a forgotten trauma.  This short animated film explores the ways we are shaped; both by what we remember and what we forget.


Mixtape for a Drowned Rabbit.

Running time: 00:07:00

Say Something .jpeg

Say Something (United States) by Agustina Aranda

Say Something is a short experimental documentary where Katie Agustina Aranda explores her relationship with her father, Panfilo Aranda—a Paraguayan immigrant, workaholic, and amateur videographer. Using material that he shot throughout the last forty years, the story follows his journey from passionate filmmaker to distant father. With archival footage and interviews, the film is about family, immigration, and a strained father-daughter relationship.

Running time: 00:09:47

The Heart of Texas .jpeg

The Heart of Texas (United States) by Gregory JM Kasunich

Janie May, an aspiring country singer stuck in the paycheck-to-paycheck grind, gets big news that she’s a radio contest finalist while finishing her overnight shift at a local diner in Waco, TX. She must race to the station to sing for hometown country music hero Harlan Thompson in hopes of winning the opening act spot on his upcoming tour. In a chaotic dash to the studio, she collides her car into Jesús, an undocumented worker who refuses medical care or police assistance out of fear of being discovered and deported. The two engage in a struggle, each in pursuit of their own American dreams. In the end, they do the only thing they know how to do: fend for themselves.

Running time: 00:14:45

PETRYKIVKA film _edited.jpg

Petrykivka (United States) by Anne Ciecko

Petrykivka reconjures stories of heroism, everyday artifacts and spaces decorated with floral folk imagery, remediated viral video, and footage of acts of resistance and survival. Using object-based and hand-drawn animation, this DIY experimental poetry film/video-poem vicariously witnesses and testifies to the transformative possibilities of imagination.

Running time: 00:03:52


Annie (United States) by Niall Cunningham

Annie and Simon are building a home and farm on an unoccupied property in Vermont. But the isolation and pressure inherent in their idealistic task begins to weigh on Annie and she starts to question whether she can stay in the relationship with Simon.

Running time: 00:17:00

Project Saudade .jpeg

Project Saudade (United States) by Ash Edakadampil, Ragroller Studio

Project Saudade is a meditation on modern dissonance. The film takes viewers on an evocative animated journey through delicate themes of self-reflection, mourning, and the erosion of nature. Conceived over the pandemic, Project Saudade was brought together by a team working remotely across Asia, Africa, and North America - divided by time zones, and united in their collective grappling with human disconnection. 

Running time: 00:05:07

The Katz Tapes .jpeg

The Katz Tapes (United States) by Adam Fischer

From 1980-2005, Larry Katz, a reporter for the Boston Herald, interviewed music's biggest stars and recorded their conversations onto cassette tapes. His collection has been sitting untouched and unheard for decades...until now.

Running time: 00:25:00

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